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SiteRack Features

SiteRack is loaded with features that make it super easy to manage a large number of WordPress sites.

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Sign in icon

Single Sign-On

Use one login to access your SiteRack dashboard and log into any of your sites.

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Single-Click Plugin Updates

Update plugins for all your sites with a single click–all from a centralized dashboard.

Notiication icon

View WordPress Notifications

They can be annoying but sometimes they tell you important information about your site.  View notifications without having to sign in.

Remote control icon

Remote Cache Flush

Flush your site’s cache without having to log in each time.

User icon

Remote User Management

Add users, reset passwords, assign roles, and more all from your dashboard.

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Uptime Monitoring

Monitor your sites for uptime and get instant notifications when a site is down.

Hourglass icon

Plugin Update History

Plugin update break your site?  Know which plugins were updated and when so you can easily pinpoint problems and keep track of plugin updates for clients.

Sites icon

Organize Your Sites

Add sites to groups and assign tags to stay organized and easily find sites.

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Team Collaboration

Invite team members to your dashboard and control what sites they see.

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