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Remotely manage all your WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

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Supercharge Your Productivity

How much time do you spend logging into your WordPress sites to perform simple tasks like flushing the cache, updating plugins, or adding new users?  SiteRack allows you to perform all these tasks and more from a single dashboard saving you valuable time.

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A Single Sign-On to Save the Day

Signing into WordPress sites all day long can be exhausting.  Typing in admin URLs, looking up login credentials, logging in–all these things take small but precious amounts of time that eat up your day.  With SiteRack you can sign into any site with a single click.

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Streamline Your Agency

Managing a large number of WordPress sites is hard work.  Onboarding team members, updating plugins, monitoring uptime, and other tasks can be a chore.  SiteRack takes your agency to the next level with remote management of common tasks.